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Thank you for the very prompt delivery of the fireplace cover. This fitted beautifully on the hearth and against the fire surround completely eliminating the draught that used to make you feel that your feet were encased in ice. As it is clear acrylic it is not at all noticeable, but it certainly does the job and hopefully will reduce the heating costs as well, although it was for the reason of improved comfort that it was purchased. I am very pleased indeed with the product and the excellent service provided. Thanks once again,
Chris, Ipswich

I am writing to thank you for your service in supplying my second heatsaver. This product really does work in saving heat in the room when the fire is off. If only more companies were as efficient as yourselves, the UK would prosper once again.
Jim, Edinburgh

We didn't know how to prevent the heat either being lost up our chimney or cold air being blown down it and would often resort to having the fire alight just to solve the problem! Thankfully we spotted the Fireplace Heatsaver on a Website. In a very few weeks we have noticed a huge difference. Ordering and delivery were simple and we'd definitely recommend this product. Thank you!!
Rona, Kent

We were amazed at the instant difference the fireplace heatsaver made to our dining room.  Even with radiators on it was never warm due to the open fireplace. We had considered a chimney balloon but I reckoned that the up-draught would have removed anything apart from bricks and mortar; that was when I became aware of the heatsaver. This immediately remedied the loss of heat and I wish I had known about it years ago; I can’t recommend it enough.
Gordon, Wick

I installed my fireplace heatsaver and we can't believe the difference it has made to our front room. We no longer have to put the fire on in there on a night as the chimney draughts are no longer a problem and the central heating alone is enough to heat the room. An excellent product, not only saving the planet but saving money on bills too!
Jan, Alverthorpe

Since having the Heatsaver I have not needed to have my central heating on as much, I can really feel the difference it has made to my home.
Ali Wilson, Doncaster

I have just purchased the FireplaceHeatsaver. This is a truly wonderful invention because it actually works! I live in an Edwardian house, very draughty and with an open fireplace. A howling gale usually comes from around the door but since installing the Heatsaver - draught gone! An excellent product and I shall have no hesitation in recommending it to my family and friends. I wish you every success with it.
A from Aberdeen

My house has been cold and draughty for 20 years. I tried three different fires and a balanced flue. Somebody mention the fireplace heatsaver, so I bought one. It is brilliant. The draughts have stopped and I do not need to use my fire. I am saving a fortune.
D, Stockport

I would not be without it as my house has never been as warm. I do not even notice that it is there.
William, Wakefield

I fitted the Fireplace Heatsaver and within minutes the room felt warmer. We were able to turn the thermostat down and occasionally turn the heating off. My wife was so impressed that she insisted we have one for the dining room as well.
David, Flanshaw

My property is open plan. I needed the central heating and gas fire on full to make it warm enough to sit in the living area. With your unit in place I have not had to use the gas fire over the Christmas holiday.
Dean, Thornhill

Our Lounge has always been cold and often required the gas fire on to supplement the central heating system. Although a little sceptical at first I placed the heatsaver in front of the fire opening, the effect was almost immediately noticeable. Thank you for the heatsaver. I am looking forward to counting the savings.
David, Halifax

Thank you for the Fireplace Heatsaver. It works a treat to stop our cold chimney draughts and without a doubt the room is warmer. So much so we have ordered a second one for another room ! Every home in the UK with chimneys like ours should have one (or two !!).
Kevin. Leeds


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