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Article in Environment UK - Spring 2008

I'll run the London Marathon if you ask for your money back!

When Environmental Fireplace Solutions' director Daniel Shute sent me a Fireplace Heatsaver to test and review for Environment UK, I received it with great scepticism. But with hindsight I can't help feeling this was a rash reaction on my part.

The concept is perfectly sound; most houses are built with a great big hole in the top, aka the chimney, which is designed to draw the smoke, fumes and soot up and out of the house when the fire is burning. However, the chimney continues this vital role even when the fire is out. It acts like a vacuum drawing warm air up and out into the atmosphere. To balance this updraught the room draws in cold air from elsewhere, leaving you with cold draughts and a much colder room.

I live in a half-renovated 1930s semi with stripped floorboards and the aforementioned big hole in the top. Now, this may sound contrived, but two weeks ago I was explaining to my wife that in the near future I would have to fill the gaps between the floorboards to eliminate some particularly unfortunate draughts, which prevent anyone from sitting on the floor without contracting a severe case of piles.

I felt we were an ideal test case for the Fireplace Heatsaver because, due to the state of disrepair of my home, we have heating only in the living room and dining room (conjoined). This meant that most of the time we were kept company by a chill breeze from under the doors.

The Fireplace Heatsaver epitomises the old adage that the simplest ideas are the best, and it came to mind when I opened the box to find a piece of clear, moulded acrylic. After getting over the fact that it was just a piece of plastic, I placed it in front of the fire and almost immediately noticed the lack of cold air round my ankles.
I have lived with the Heatsaver for a while now, and even during the cold snap at the beginning of March I still have not felt the need to light the fire.

I swear to you that this is the best thing I never knew I needed. I am convinced that if this product had a money-back guarantee, no one would ever claim it.

If you want a simple and effective way to cut your outgoings and protect the environment, then get one of these. If you don't notice a difference I will run the London Marathon next year. That's how confident I am that this product works.

Alex Stacey, Editor - Environment UK


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