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About The Fireplace Heatsaver

We all appreciate a cosy fire warming our sitting room, but the chimney that takes away the smoke and fumes also extracts the warm air and draws in cold draughts. This wastes energy and the waste continues when the fire is not on. The room with the chimney is often the coldest room in the house.

The lightweight, transparent Fireplace Heatsaver is designed to allow householders to block up their chimneys when not in use. This cuts down draughts, but allows people to keep their fireplaces and still use their fires by simply removing the heatsaver.

The Fireplace Heatsaver is a chimney draught excluder that will benefit you by:
• Preventing heat loss up the chimney,
• Paying for itself by cutting your heating bills,
• Retaining warmth in your home, reducing draughts,
• Preventing downdraughts from your chimney,
• Maintained the focal feature of your fireplace,
• Simple to fit, in seconds, without tools and remove when you to use your fire.

We asked BSRIA to measure the energy savings for a typical house based on the Government's SAP Energy rating.
   The results demonstrated that savings per chimney could be achieved as follows:
• Energy saving of up to 3,066 kilowatt hours per annum
• CO2 savings of up to 0.583 tonnes per annum
• Hourly air loss reduced from 40.0 cubic metres per hour to 5.2
    For copy of BSRIA report click here

So, if you have a flue or chimney and you're really interested in saving money, reducing draughts, making your home warmer and reducing CO2 emissions, then the Fireplace Heatsaver is for you click to >> order

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